Shamala Antonio, Managing Director
Shamala is a qualified Social Worker, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor. Shamala has over 7 years’ experience working in qualified and unqualified job roles supporting and advocating for vulnerable groups.

Shamala is committed to her personal development and that of all those whom embark upon a life changing journey with
Impact 4Life/ Impact 4Life Well-being.

Shamala is passionate about tackling social injustice and regularly advocates for these groups. Shamala has visions of creating a more inclusive, empowered and resilient society through the services offered at Impact 4Life and Impact 4Life Well-being. 

Our Partners – Rucha Nutrition

Impact 4Life is committed to collaborative and multi-agency working, as such we endeavour to work with Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Charitable organisations, local businesses, Educational establishments, Health, Fostering agencies, Residential settings, Police and other agencies to share best practice and work together to provide consistent and effective support services to care leavers and disadvantaged young people. We are also dedicated in using our combined strength to influence local and national policy for the benefit of our clients.