Transition Learning and Development


A preventative approach, which means intervening when you are still within the care provision. Our programme hopes to meet your needs using innovation, whilst promoting good mental and emotional health.

The programme will contribute to ensure a smooth transition through the delivery of a bespoke in-house accredited ‘Tenancy-Ready and Life-Skills’ programme. You will be equipped with the skills, abilities, knowledge and foundations to go on and lead fulfilled lives. The programme will consist of 10 modules as well as receive personalised support delivered by specialist staff. It will cover such issues as:

    • Budgeting 
    • Confidence and self-esteem
    • Team building
    • Conflict Management etc.

Accommodation & Support


Our bespoke ‘Tenancy & Life-Skills’ programme is designed to teach and develop its participant to learn and develop key life skills, resilience and practical abilities which will assist them throughout their lifetime, particularly concerning independent living/ sustaining their own tenancies and well-being. Being responsible for your first home is a big responsibility that has many challenges, you can expect help with:

    • Sourcing appropriate accommodation
    • Understanding how to manage a tenancy
    • Finding affordable furniture

Managing domestic bills and payments
We recognise that our service cannot be delivered in isolation and as such have to work in collaboration with as many agencies as possible to allow cross-functional support and draw on other expertise. This will be particulate important once the young person has taken over their own tenancy.


Our Support & Mentoring


As your independence grows we provide access to appropriate and timely information within our resource hub where you can find:

    • Training & development
    • Employment support
    • Benefits Entitlement
    • Support groups and partnership programmes
    • Impact 4 Life Refreshment course

We believe that it’s important for you to have a strong, positive role model, who can befriend you and become a ‘sponsor’. This enables you to have continued support and a family network that you can tap into if you are struggling with:

      • Grooming
      • Un-healthy relationships/ early pregnancy
      • Joining gangs
      • Substance abuse
      • Peer group Pressure